LUCKY is a tangible artifact to control different systems in the Living Place Lab, depending on its mood. Artifacts achieve an idiosyncratic behavior through the use of algorithms and ubiquitous computing environments. With LUCKY, we introduce an idiosyncratic artifact that is not only able to control other systems in a home automation environment, but also denies service or even causes trouble if it is not treated properly. LUCKY uses an ESP32 microcontroller and a 9DOF BNO055 sensor on an in-house developed printed circuit board (PCB) to control ambient lights, shutters, and curtains. Additionally, LUCKY provides user feedback though the use of neo pixel LEDs and vibration, depending on its rage level.


Lucky is in a good mood. It changes colors according to the direction, blinks when it reaches a color command, and sends a command if you hold the position.
Lucky is getting angry. It starts to ‘breathe’ by fading the displayed colors on and off.
Lucky is confused. It displays random colors.
Lucky is angry. It displays random colors and sends random commands.
To calm Lucky, turn it carefully in your hand.


A project by Fabian Erdmann, Jessica Broscheit, and Prof. Dr. Thomas Lehmann.
Acknowledgements: PCB by Markus Kasten.

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