"KRRK-KRRK – Eine Kammerjäger Oper" deals with jealousy, love, and death. It tells the story of an exterminator who gets off track after the mysterious death of his lover. While his multifaceted libretto captivates the audience with his loneliness, passion and personal abyss, his thoughts and emotions are carried, overwritten, and abstracted by the music. A surreal space unfolds a reflection on love, time, power, and life in the microcosm of the present.

Art Direction: Jessica Broscheit. Assistant: Marina Steinwidder. Performing Artists: Mark Boombastik, Andrew Krell, Constanze Stock, Edvin Adler, Timo Valtonen, and Uwe Preuss. Costumes: Bent Angelo Jensen (Herr von Eden). Stage Design: Jessica Broscheit. Stage Production: Carsten Wiese, Marian Regdosz, Kirsten Rusche, and Sina Schröppel. Video Documentation: Alexander Bunge. Light: Sascha Ertel, Dennis Nähr, Matthias Holländer. Sound engineering: Tobias Gronau. Make-up: Patrick Mai. Text: Tino Hanekamp. Budget: Andrea Rothaug. Macro Photography of Insects: Marko König & Jörg Schüler. Photo Documentation: Kai Müllenhoff.

The project was presented by RockCity - Zentrum für Popularmusik Hamburg e.V. as part of Popera 2010: Mikro.Urban.Oper at Kampnagel.

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