In the participatory design workshop "über Leben" (about life), the students of the Erich Kästner School developed an artistic and technological position to explore the coexistence of human and non-human life forms. Inspired by animals, the students of the 11th grade explored different movement behaviors, materials, and mechanisms. In addition, the students learned how to use a microcontroller, servo motor, and ultrasonic sensor to create an interactive artefact.

As part of KNALL & FORSCH – A lab for STEM and art, funded by the Körber Foundation and organised by Kulturagent*innen Hamburg e.V.

Art Direction & Prototyping Toolkit: Jessica Broscheit
Cooperation: Arne Mier (Erich Kästner School)
Assistance: Florentine Brandes
Organisation: Kulturagent Matthias Vogel
Video: Iskender Kökce
Photo Documentation: Jessica Broscheit

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