A mirror enables an intimate encounter with the self. Mirrors can reflect the gaze and the activities of their observers to enable self-recognition and associative qualities, such as the reflection of the inner life. This project introduces an interactive mirror that aims to become a mediator for self-reflection on environmental concerns. REFLECTIONS ON AIR is a shape-changing, mirrored interface that is enriched by data-driven sound to provide a multisensory experience with the air (dimensions: 30 cm length x 30 cm width x 55 cm height). Inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s tensegrity structures, the interface refers to a classic icosahedron and utilizes six mirrored struts with a shape-memory alloy spring (SMA) to enable movement behavior. In addition, the interface measures the CO2 concentrations in the near surroundings. When a user exhales near the interface, the interface responds to the CO2 concentrations of a user’s breath and the SMA spring tightens to change the shape of the construction. Simultaneously, the interface interprets the CO2 concentrations as frequency modulation.

Design & Implementation: Jessica Broscheit
Photo & Video Documentation: Jessica Broscheit

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